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Water pH is something that you should test in your water at home. You may be wondering, why does my pH matter? Water is an essential part of our everyday lives and it is important to maintain the quality of your water and it’s pH levels in the correct range. Having your water pH in the safe range will not only make your drinking water taste better, but can improve your cleaning, and extend the life of your appliances that use water. We’ll break down what water pH is and how you can treat your home water based off of it’s pH levels.

What Is Water pH?

The pH of water is affected by the surrounding environment and where the source of where the water supply is coming from. Water pH is the level of acidity or alkalinity in the water. The range is from Low pH, Acidic, to High pH, Alkaline, with the base range sitting in the middle, with a neutral acidity. pH is measured on a logarithmic scale ranging from 0-14 with 7 being a true neutral. Distilled water is considered to be a true neutral with a pH of 7.

How Does pH Affect My Home?

Both low and high pH’s can have a significant impact on your home and daily life. When your water isn’t in the ideal pH range, it can have a negative impact on your home, aside from the water having an unpleasant taste.

Low pH, also known as Acidic Water.
  • Can cause damage to copper, galvanized steel, and cast iron pipes through corrosion.
  • Staining to sinks, tubs, and fixtures from metals leached from corroding pipes.
  • A higher chance of metals being tested in the water from leaching.
  • Can cause a metallic taste in the water.
High pH, also known as Alkaline Water.
  • Scale build-up in pipes and appliances, if hardness mineral is present, can reduce the efficacy of water flow.

How To Identify And Treat Water pH

To test the pH of your water, you can call a certified water technician, like Berks Water Technology, that offers free water testing or you can do an at-home pH test yourself. The normal range for drinking water is between 6.5 and 8.5 with Low pH ranging from 0-6, true neutral at 7, and High pH from 9 -14.

Based off of the pH of your water, water professionals can recommend the proper water system for your needs to get your water to read between 6.5 and 8.5. There are different methods and filters that are used to bring acidic water up to the safe pH range and to bring alkaline water down to the safe pH range.

Water pH | Berks Water Technology

For example, if the pH of your water is running low, or acidic, then what we would recommend installing an acid-neutralizing filter. As the name implies, the acid-neutralizing filter will counteract the acid in the water and bring it back up toward the safe drinking range of 6.5 – 8.5.

As you can see, the pH of your water plays a key role in the quality of your home or business’s water supply. Knowing your pH can help to reverse the negative impacts the pH of your water can be having on your home or business.

Are you ready to take the first step in solving your water pH problems? Contact us today at Berks Water Technology to get started! Our expert technicians will help you to identify your water quality and install solutions to fit your unique needs.

Not sure what the pH of your water is? We offer free water testing, contact us to learn more about the water testing we offer and schedule to have one of our certified technicians come out and test your water today.

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